Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Work Table


I am getting ready for an upcoming show in Seattle at the cutest little gallery on Greenwood.

  Tasty Logo_Flyers

The title of the show is “Odd Birds” and is featuring ME….

I am doing the window display and filling the front room… exciting and a bit scary.  One of my goals for myself artistically has been to work larger and to explore installations.  So I am getting to dip my toes into the pool of both those things. 

The largest piece is aprox 4ft x4 ft  and the others are smaller but not by a lot. Working in that scale has been a mental adjustment for me. I am working full days and yet the progress is so much slower than my usual scale of work. But it is exciting and fun also to loosen up and really try some of my techniques on a larger scale.

I have some fun “installation” ideas, really a bit more like display but who is counting?  I am making 100s of soft sculptures pods or polys that will be strung on monofilament and then hang down around the sculptures to create a strange surreal environment for my “Odd Birds”

Want a preview?  Want to see some of the progress?

So this is the rough beginning




The awkward middle where I was quite sure that none of it was going to work



Then getting to a slightly more comfortable place with the work. Seeing where it is going “mostly”.  But by no means finished.. Lots of details to add and problems to solve




To be continued…..


Riki Schumacher said...

HI Clarissa! YOu are just having too much fun,huh? LOVE your work. Can't wait to see you in Petaluma, will be fun to teach together! xo Riki

Clarissa Callesen said...

I haven't done Anacortes in a few years because I have been teaching at Art Unraveled. I have missed getting to see you!! Looking forward to teaching for Art-is-you and getting to reconnect


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