Sunday, January 12, 2014

Winter Classes at Strange and Wonderful Studio

You know how to beat the cold dreary wish it was spring feeling? Come make art and learn new crazy fun techniques with me, Clarissa Callesen

The New Year class schedule for 2014

All classes held at my studio at 1920 Main st. Suite #8 Ferndale, WA. A lunch break of 30mins is included in the schedule. A sack lunch is recommended but there are fast food options located close. Full payment is required to register. 48hr cancellation policy for full refund. Some supplies provide. Call 360-305-9058

Art Journaling Weekend Jan 25 and 26th

Immerse yourself in the fun and gratifying world of Art Journaling. Take both classes for $120

Sat Jan 25, Chaos Journaling 10am- 4:30pm $70


Working quickly, using unusual materials, and nontraditional techniques we will breakthrough into the raw, beautiful world of chaos journaling and art making. It is so easy to get trapped in the art world of pretty, tidy, and nice. We will be shattering that mold with tearing, squishing, scribbling, dripping, sanding, and so much more. We will honor and celebrating mistakes as a foundation for original expression.

Sun Jan 26, Painted Images in Art Journaling 10am- 4:30pm $70


Take your Art journaling to a new level by adding original painted images. Painting can be very intimidating! But come and let me guide you gently through the process of creating your own original images to add to your Art Journal or other art.

Sat Feb 8, Junk Birds 10am-4:30pm $70

IMG_2994edit  callesen junkbirdOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Join me in turning a tacky decorative bird into a wacky original work of art. We will be engaging in some deconstruction and transformation of a mass produced object by combining it with fabric scraps, string, wire, and other treasures we will create a whimsical sculpture. You can either do two smaller birds or 1  larger crow 

Sat and Sun Feb 15 and 16, Gutsy Doll 10am-4:30 pm $160


P3200093fP3200096fP3200102 f

Come and explore a completely unique and versatile art medium! It is flexible yet strong. . It is an ancient medium with a rich history It can be translucent or opaque. It can be used as a primary sculptural material or as a textural accent.. It can be dyed or painted. Can you guess? Give up? Sausage casings or Gut as an art supply. We will be creating a one of a kind Art Doll utilizing this most unusual medium.

Sat March 1, Bricologe (Abstract Assemblage) 10am- 4:30pm $80

ccallesenbricologe3   cccallesen_edited-1    ccallesenbricologe1

Bricologe : construction (as of a sculpture or a structure of ideas) achieved by using whatever comes to hand.

What do artists have at hand usually in excess on or around our work tables?

Fabulous scraps and bits of amazing stuff!

This class will take those bits and pieces and turn them into a rich textural Bricologe. Through loose paint and collage exercises we will create a palette of objects rich in texture and color. Then using those pieces as color and shape elements we will delve into composition. I like to look at this technique as creating a three dimensional abstract painting.

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