Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I am so happy with the spread of my art journal and article  published in Art Journaling Magazine Winter 2014.  Its on the stands now.


Art Journaling is not my primary medium as you know I am primarily a 3D sculpture and assemblage artist. However, art journaling was instrumental in my introduction to the Mixed Media world.  I remember finding Dan Eldon’s The Journey is the Destination and Sabrina Ward Harrison’s Spilling Open and feeling like I was coming home. It was art that was messy and raw about feelings and life. It was art that I could identify.  I first started art journaling in 1998, which is so long ago now its hard to believe.  I started journaling to cope with the residue of a traumatic relationship that had left my sense of self as a person and as an artist shattered. That first journal is ugly and real and filled with tears of self healing. I have only shared it with my closest loves.


Early journal pages

Over the years my journals have provided me with a safe place to play with art. As a self employed artist, it is pretty easy for art to become work. Work that is serious and has deadlines and pressure.  Which is not always great for the sweet sense of play.  So having a place with no rules, no guidelines, and no deadlines has been great for me.  Although I still struggle with making time for it.

Take a peak at some of my favorite spreads that were published in Art Journaling Magazine current issue

You can take a look at the whole journal and some older journals as well in my

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