Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bright Colored Art Dolls

During the Christmas season I am just head down making art and selling art!  which I am super grateful for.  I even enjoy the kind of feverish pace at least for awhile.

But with that said,  YAY JANUARY!!!

I made lots of new and interesting pieces during the holiday season but there was no time for sharing them with you all. So I am going to take some time to do just that….


Check out those bright colors…. Not my usual sepia and antiqued white! I am not going to say it’s a trend yet but I am enjoying playing with some brighter colors.


Suzy is a fun punk girl with dread hair falls made out of wired yarn and hand dyed fabric scraps. Her clothes are made out of scraps from 1960 turquoise lace dress. It was so fabulous it was hard to cut up but it will make for many many fabulous pieces of art

. IMG_6372

Suzy is still available and looking for the right new funky home. 

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