Friday, June 21, 2013

The Finished Pieces

I want to share the good “official” photos of the big pieces I built this spring for the “Odd Birds” show.   This piece is affectionately called

Junk in her Trunk




Junk was created from an underwear mannequin that I bought at a junk sale in a dark funky barn along side the road.  I probably paid too much for it $15 but I just knew it had good potential.  The doll came from the Goodwill Outlet bins which deserve a post all to themselves. Her horns are made from a broken candelabra accessorized with fabric, wire, and pieces of a shattered chair.  Her hat was the top of our porch light that blew off in a wind storm 5yrs ago. Her junk is just that all kinds of small bits and pieces that have been collected over the years. I wanted to create a tapestry of sorts for her lower body.  A tapestry of toys, game pieces, junk, and precious jewels. A cloth constructed of things to symbolize the objects and experiences that we carry with us in life, both the precious and the painful. All of those things make her beautiful and interesting just like our scars, wrinkles, and stories make us beautiful.  She is held together and unified as one with lots of paint, plaster, and magic.

IMG_4265   IMG_4277


IMG_4256editHer humble beginnings   aka “Before”

IMG_3477      IMG_3874

To her regal “After”


This piece is still available for purchase just contact me at


aleXander hirka said...

Beautiful amazing inspiring delightful work!

Clarissa Callesen said...

Thanks Alex! It was a learning curve. Looking forward to seeing you in the desert.


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