Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bricologe Preview


This is a brand new class this year and it’s debut will be at Art Unraveled

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Bricologe : construction (as of a sculpture or a structure of ideas) achieved by using whatever comes to hand.

What do mixed media artists have at hand usually in excess on or around our work tables?

Fabulous scraps and bits of amazing stuff!





Some of the potential yummy materials for your Bricologe IMG_4737  IMG_4729

We will be exploring all kind of fun techniques to create texture, Texture,TEXTURE! 

IMG_4741       IMG_4745edit IMG_4742

I will cover many different ways to create a distressed or aged finish on new materials.



My style of making art and teaching is to HAVE FUN and embrace the GRUNGE.

IMG_4754           IMG_4756

Cherish those beautiful little scraps that need special recognition!

IMG_4751edit    IMG_4758edit

Explore composition in a very hands on immediate way and leave class with a work of art and a sampler of new techniques.


Cathy said...

This class looks wonderful! What a great exercise in creativity! Unfortunately, I am registered for another class, but I will see you in Petaluma1 Also, I took your Doll Transformed and Faces, Faces, Faces class. Both were excellent, and I have gone on to do some dolls of my own (still unfinished). See you soon!

donna joy said...

love this idea!


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