Tuesday, July 8, 2008

CLaSses FUn SuCeSs

So I have been a bit of a Blog Slacker... Been too busy living life to write about it.. But will try and catch up my devoted audience.. lol

So teaching classes went really well. I was nervous going into them, but I relaxed and enjoyed the experience of sharing my techniques and attitude towards creating..

Encouraging people to splash and smear paint around and for God's sake stop thinking and planning... Embrace the Chaos! Just Create!

(What do you think should I make bumperstickers?)



Letha (aka my mom)

The Visual Journaling class had a smaller attendance but that was nice, because I could offer my mom a spot in the class. She was a bit resistant to coming, but made it and had a great time and created some really beautiful journal pages.

Here are some examples of the pages started in class

Cheryl's pages

Leslie's pages

Letha's page


Unknown said...

The pages look great!
It looks like it was a fun class!

Anonymous said...

looks great fun to me! (i left you something on my blog cause of your inspiration) :) www.desertbloom.typepad.com

WaAngel said...

and I quote

"Come stalk me online."

"Oh, I already do..."

"Well then comment, dammitt"

I heart you.

Thanks for the good time yesterday morning at breakfast. Your momma looks so beautiful, and you're wonderful creativness is rubbing off on those around you. I'm so excited that your classes are going well. Love you, talk to you soon.


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