Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Absent Blogger

Wow!!! I haven't updated my blog since Nov.. Damn! Trust me I have been doing things and making art, just haven't had what it takes to blog about it.. Forgive me???
So Christmas... lots and lots of artwork made and sold.. It was a really great season for me and I was a bit concerned with all the talk of the economy and such. It turned out to be my best Christmas season so far and 95% of that was through local sales at the Allied Arts Holiday Festival... SO THANK YOU ALLIED ARTS AND ALL THE WONDERFUL LOCAL PEOPLE THAT SUPPORTED ME!
and after/during the actual xmas holidays we were buried in fuzzy white stuff which was pretty and sweet for awhile and then annoying and tiring. Then the white stuff melted and WA tried to float away. My home and studio are on a hill and fared fine, but unfortunately some dear friends of mine did not fare as well.
If you know me or follow my blog you know I don't think much of the traditional Christmas holiday. But I did enjoy a little holiday get away with my sweetie Jay, we went to Harrison Hots Springs and soaked and soaked in the springs while the snow fell and fell.. It was a relaxing sweet end to the rushing and working of the Holidays..
Alright, I am back on track, at lease sort of ... more posts to follow talking about what else I have been up to... and maybe for a change not talking about myself as well...


Linda Sue said...

Well, alrighty then! So glad you are still among the Hamsters. I bought tons of your things this year at Allied Arts- Yours was the best there and the ONLY thing I bought! LOOOOOVE your work so much!Everytime I went to buy yet another desired object your booth was crowded with gleeful people!

Unknown said...

Busy woman! I know there are more great things to come for you!


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