Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ARtFest ClAsSes CoNtiNuEd...

My second day class was with Theo Ellsworth, Mystery Play Inside and it was all about doodling. Now doodling doesn't seem all that exciting, but Theo presented doodling in a whole new light for me. He referred to doodling as equivalent to taking a long walk inside you own head. We did a series of three different exercises and made three doodle drawings on person shaped pieces of board. We spent almost six hours of time quietly doodling, it was so relaxing and almost meditative for me. I spent some time in art school and read "drawing on the right side of the brain" and through those two things spent a lot of time learning to draw what I what I see as appose to drawing what I thought I seen. So it was a complete mind trip to have Theo talk about drawing from you memory.. drawing something the way you think it might look.. Drawing like a child. It was extremely freeing and fun and I was amazed at the crazy creatures I "allowed" myself to draw. We drew with our eyes closed (actually blindfolded with these great blindfold he made), and then with our non dominant hand, and then with both hands at once. I was really excited about the images created with my left hand. Want to do more drawing that way.. So I am now officially hooked on doodling, went and bought some new fine tipped pens and have been taking my journal with me everywhere. GREAT CLASS !! Thanks Theo!

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