Tuesday, September 22, 2009


About a year and a half ago, my friends Linda and Opie O'Brien approached me about including a piece of mine in there upcoming book, Who's Your Dada, redefining the doll through mixed media. The piece included was a small art doll created on a wood base using a ceramic insulator as the main construct. The doll is part of Linda and Opie's personal art collection and I don't have very good personal pictures of her, so we all have to wait for the book. Who's Your Dada is getting lots of good reviews and conversations and is available now through Amazon and I am sure through other venues as well. I have not actually received my copy yet, but can't wait to see it. I will post pics of my spread when it arrives....

Who's Your Dada, redefining the doll through mixed media.

"Inspired from the Dada notion of making art from materials that would not typically be combined, and written with our sense of irony and humor, this book features the work of 40 artists who define a doll AND share their process with you. In addition, Opie and Linda offer step-by-step instructions for working with 5 very different substrates: a wood block - a two-sided canvas - tin - a book - and a box construction - and share our various methods of attachment and joinery and how we work with apoxie sculpt. There are variation projects from our students AND an inspiring gallery of mixed-media dolls from some of the best artists EVER plus a bonus visual progression project from the amazing Keith Lo Bue.This book has been described as a "must have" volume for anyone interested in found object art and the human form - but it is also a thoughtful and provocative exploration of the power, symbolism and cultural significance of dolls and representational figures -- and as is our style -- it's chock full of whimsy!"

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