Friday, August 6, 2010

Jack Knife Butterfly / Found Object Assemblage by ClarissaCallesen

Jack Knife Butterfly / Found Object Assemblage by ClarissaCallesen:
Jack Knife Butterfly
Original Found Object Assemblage
By Clarissa Callesen

6.5” x 8” x 1.5'
Ready to hang
Signed on back

I found this beautiful old jack knife that had obviously been well loved at a garage sale and it became the center piece the body for this butterfly creature.
The face is one of my hand sculpted ceramic charms. The wings are constructed of glorious flotsam and jetsam, including old lace, ribbon, wooden beads, brocade,and buttons.
The entire piece is mounted on a rusty tin and a beautiful piece of old tongue and grove from a deconstructed box.
All my pieces are signed on the back and finished with a matte sealing spray and beeswax.

please email if you have further questions..."


Shannon Spears said...

I love it....I envy your creativity

stregata said...

It is wonderful!


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