Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The Holiday Season is officially over and I can return to the world of blogging.  Of course now I am out of the habit so do bare with me, I will find my blogging legs again.  There was So much art made and sold in the last two and a half months. Which means lots of new pictures of new art. I enjoyed some really joyful, fun time with my family of choice for the holidays and I feel incredibly blessed with my life.


(my amazing solstice present)

I think there may be a bit of a colorful phase going on with me!  Oh I am still in love with all those faded subtle tones found in weathered objects, but I have been enjoying  an affair with a more colorful palette.   These are two paintings that I did for the Heartache and Rust show at Covet boutique.




I feel like such a baby painter… I am mostly ok with these  paintings and it was good to do them. I really like the colors and the imagery.   I am still struggling with executing things the way I imagine in my head.

These pieces were about heartache and loss. They started as rough sketches in a journal while trying to process the loss of a really important friendship.  As I worked with the images, the symbolism of loss became less specific to my situation and more about the  universal human experience of loss and heartache. For me one of the most poignant visual image of loss has been that of a mother holding the body of a deceased child. That is a very literal image of grief, but in sitting with the image the mother and child became very symbolic.  I think most of us have felt like our hearts were injured and bleeding at some point in our lives, and had the desire to cradle and hold that injured part of ourselves in our arms like a  small child.  

Happy healing of all the our hurts  in this new year!!

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layla said...

i know you feel like a baby painter but i find these paintings to be so moving and profound...the imagery is intense and beautiful...returning your wish for happy hearts in the new year...i can't wait to see what new things you create!


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