Friday, July 22, 2011

Saint Serene Art Doll

I want to share with you part of the process of creating

Saint Serene the Circus Goddess Art Doll

She started with some very humble beginning. If you have been paying attention to my blog and ramblings, then you know I have an affection for reclaiming terribly tacky commercial objects and turning them into works of art rich with texture, soul , and a good dose of STRANGE.

P3110296Saint Serene’s humble beginnings… Check out that dress!


Next stop completely deconstructing the doll down to the bare bones.  I then use my pyromaniac technique that involves lots of paint and a blow torch to create a cratered cracked surface that is completely unique and ancient looking.

Then my favorite part, painting the face. I was experimenting with a different approach to this face. I used a Picasso painting as inspiration and then played around till I was happy.


Then her cloth body is stained with diluted paint and walnut ink.  I created her “clothes” out of a vintage doily  and some well loved silk flowers. I don’t get too concerned with creating a costume as just embellishing and suggesting clothing.   I found a piece of old maribou  that became her collar.

P3110300Serene on the work table  trying out clothing options 



Completed Doll



The only left from her origins is the shape and stance of her body.   Also that quaint tip of her head.






She became a saint when the nativity Virgin Mary decided to be the perfect accessory for Serene’s hat. Of course after a good coat of pint paint.




Saint Serene Circus Goddess is STILL AVAILABLE

to add to your

Strange and Wonderful Collection!

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