Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Contemporary Artist using Gut

I am amazed at the incredibly different ways artists are using gut as a medium.


This installation by Martha Ross Raisanen sets my heart on fire.

I love the old bottles and the textures.  The feeling that you are uncovering some ancient treasure cocooned in mystery.


Martha Ross Raisanen’s Collective Secrets


Jill Nordfors Clark  Using gut like a weaver or basket maker

Love this delicate yet strong cocoon shape by Pat Hickman


I also found pieces I could hardly believe were made of the same material I have used.

Peggy Vanbianchi

Gut, colored pencil


Fabulous art boots made by Carol Durham


Wow what an amazing medium!!

Want to come and learn more about it:

Are you Guts Enough?

Sept 8th and 9th    10-2     $90 (some supplies included)

Clarissa Callesen’s Studio

1920 Main St, Ferndale, WA 98248

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