Saturday, October 13, 2012

Art and Soul Portland 2012 Student Work

This was my first time teaching at Art and Soul. I have vended at the retreat many time but this was my first time teaching.

It was a joy!   Such fun people, silliness, and great art.

One of my favorite parts of classes is when everyone pulls out there stash of supplies. So different and so visually impressive.  Oh I don’t think I will ever stop lusting after beautiful fabrics and textures. 



Then to see the process that comes out of the piles of inspirations.


Doll Transformed class

And then the final results……


Student work from Doll Transformed


Student work for Junk Crows

Thank you all my wonderful students it was a joy to have you in class and hope to see you again soon.   And thanks to Glenny, Marie, and all the people that do the hard work of making a conference like Art and Soul successful.   See you next year!

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Diana said...

Loved your doll class that I took at Artfest 2011. You are such a fun, talented instructor. Your students created some great must be proud. Happy holidays!


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