Monday, May 13, 2013

Beauty and Creativity in Virginia Beach

It was such a pleasure to teach at Art and Soul in Virginia Beach, and now that I have slowed down and caught my breathe I want to share some of the fun and beauty.
Lets start with the fact that this was the view from my hotel room. Which I had the pleasure of sharing with my dear friends Marcia and Ty Schultz.  Who make and teach the most unique and fun classes.  One day I am going to have enough time to take one of there classes.
It was so nice to get a chance to visit with and hang out with my dear friends.  Over all I really enjoyed meeting new people and getting to know others better. I can tend to be a bit of an introvert, even though it does not show from the outside.  So meeting and connecting with people can be a bit of a challenge for me.  I felt so comfortable and at home I surprised myself.  
I taught 4 classes back to back in two days and it was a whirlwind. Unfortunately that whirlwind  did not leave me with many pictures from classes. So any students out there that have pictures to share from my classes I would love to see them?  Email me 
IMG_4172       IMG_4157
IMG_4150                  IMG_4152
Student pieces in progress from Happy Harpies

We had so much fun in Steampunk Sally.  The dolls were so creative and fun. There is always so much information I want to share with my students and so many things to do in creating a unique art doll that most students leave with a doll on its way to being finished but not completed.
I love when I get follow up pictures of the finished finished pieces like these ones from Victoria
Victoria                   HPIM3697

On my day off from teaching I spent as much time as possible at the beach, taking pictures, collecting shells, and coming up with new class ideas for next year.  What do you think about a mermaid class?
IMG_4181       IMG_4183IMG_4189      IMG_4194
There was the coolest textures in the sand. I am hoping to be able to use some as Photoshop textures.
Then of course I had to play with the photos on my iPhone.  I multi process the photos by editing them in Snapster and then Instagram.  Not sure how much they represent the original subject but I love the way they look
So who is joining me for Art and Soul VA Beach next year?


~GG~ said...

I used to go to VA Beach for work and would sleep with the windows open just to hear the ocean. Isn't that beach fabulous? Such a place of solace.

jEaN said...

I, too, was teaching back-to-back classes, or I would have LOVED to have taken Steampunk Sally! A mermaid class sounds delightful!

Jen Crossley said...

Clarissa loved your photos of Virginia beach Your students work is amazing which shows a amazing teaching guiding them.I got to see you a little more hopefully next time we get to hang more.Jen Crossley xxx

pandamonion said...

Clarissa, I'm Victoria's friend who kept coming to visit and LOVED everything you did...I was also fortunate to get one of your wonderful creatures for myself!!

I plan to be at the next VB A&S and hope to take anything you are teaching...but it's sure a long wait to Oct 2014 :(


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