Friday, April 25, 2014

Grey Sky and Colorful Tulips

A grey cold day in the Pacific NW brightened by the unbelievable colors of the tulips in full bloom.  I have lived in this area for a long time and seeing the Skagit valley tulips is a very touristy thing to do.  There for I had never done it. Somehow thinking it wouldn’t be “worth it” I mean I have seen hundreds of photos of them.  Isn’t that the same thing?   uuummmm   NO!



This is probably my favorite picture because of the contrast between the grey cloudy sky and the brilliant red of the tulips.  As we were driving along and everything was kind of grey and drab looking and then we turned a corner and it was if someone had painted the fields with the most vivid colors.  I was reminded of The Wizard of Oz or Pleasantville where things start out in black and white and then suddenly start to change to full color.



This photo reminds me of an abstract painting…


I enjoy taking pictures as an artist but without someplace to share them, without someone to see them they get lost among the hundreds of files on my computer.  Thank you for taking the time to look.


Janet Ghio said...

Gorgeous photos!! Thanks so much for sharing them. I'd say it was well worth it to become a tourist for the day!!

Pam said...

Beautiful Clarissa! Well shot indeed! I've only ever seen tulips in photos or on tv, but it would be wonderful to see them all up close and personal like this. :)

Linda Sue said...

Your photos actually make me ant to go check them out, though probably too late this year. LOVE the red one with the typical PNW sky. Awesome shots! Oh, and yur a purdy gurl.


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