Sunday, January 27, 2008

One Must Just Begin

(Detail of "Totem Angel", mixed media assemblage 2006)

One must just begin, enough procrastinating, pondering, and self doubt. So here I am starting down the path of blogging. I am not a words person, or at least I do not think of myself as such. Punctuation and spelling, don't get much work out when I am throwing a pot or assembling a sculpture. I tend think in pictures, colors, symbols, and textures. I am a visual person, and I am hoping to find ways to express that in a blog. My plan is to try to share a bit of the everyday process of living and working as an artist and to keep people up to date on what new creative adventures and trouble I have got myself into.

So let me briefly try to introduce a bit about myself to those who do not know me. However do note, I am my own unfinished creative project and who I am is always getting added to, collaged over, or rearranged completely.

I am:

an artist

a potter

a former tattooist

hoping to call myself a painter someday

a Leo with a Virgo moon

Queer, both in that strange, odd way and in my choice of partners

highly focused and easily distracted

fond of small details and evidence of time

a compulsive collector of life's flotsam and jetsam

fascinated by religious imagery and symbolism

in love with rusty old things and peeling paint

trying to live life authentically and passionately


Nightsinge said...

You are a FINE writer, but I'm pouting that you're not on El Jay.

Clarissa Callesen said...

Thanks love, I hope that if I keep writing more, maybe I won't struggle with it so much... I picked blogger because it is suppose to be better for image heavy blogging...

Karan Simoni said...

Hi Clarissa! I love your blog, and your work is AMAZING. I linked here from the Artfest group post. I love this one must just begin... I am with you on the same wavelength. I need to actually DO some art before I can put it on my blog. It is sitting down and taking the time to JUST DO IT that really makes us artists. Creating on the fly, playing with the pieces and seeing what can happen. That is the real fun. Thanks for the reminder! Hope to meet you at artfest!



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