Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Glamourous Life

Damn! Not only do I need to make the art. I need to document it, and let me tell you( if you didn't already know) translating 3d art into 2d photos that communicate the subtle nuances of color and texture is quite a feat. Perhaps a feat of divine intervention. There was after all quite a bit of praying and sacred names flying about during the process.
Lighting, camera settings, macro, flash, no flash, download, crop, adjust color, convert to jpeg, and on and on. Wow! The glamorous exciting life of the artist.

Then of course after accurately documenting it , I need to promote it. Write about it, email about it, more uploading, linking, describing and tagging. "Tagging" who knew, I thought that was something kids did with spray paint in alleys.
Ok all my grumping aside, I am excited to be creating a presence for myself in cyber world.

Got the blog started.. two posts that makes a blog. Right?
When you type in there is something there other than the coming soon page that has annoyed interested parties for at least a year and a half.
and... there is an etsy store opened in my name.
Nothing there for sale yet.. But soon very soon...working hard on it, thus the frustration with photos and downloading and cropping, and , and...


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