Saturday, February 9, 2008

Work Table

What am I working on these days. Well besides spending a large quanity of time and energy trying to navigate my new online adventures. I am chipping away at some new projects and trying to finish up some old ones.

I am going to ArtFest which is an amazing alternative artist retreat (say that five times fast).

So I am working on trades for Artfest (no pictures of yet) and collages for my participation in a round robin book. I am also trying to do more painting and working with my original designs in 2D. So these are pictures of a collage painting I have been working on. The idea started with a sketch done in New Orleans 4 yrs ago of a love protection vodou doll. I really like the energy in the original sketch. I am happy with the painting and love the texture and complexity but feel like it lost some of the grittiness of the original sketch. May have to try again.

Of course and then there is the creepy clown assemblages I have been having fun with.
I found the heads at VV boutique and then did some altering to them with a blow torch and some rust paint. I am enjoying the imagery. I am sure it will creep out some people though.


Shari said...

Your work is phenomenal!!! I am so happy that I came across your art on flickr, which led me to your website and your blog. Looking forward to seeing more of your work---I love it all!

Clarissa Callesen said...

Thanks for the compliments. I enjoyed checking out your blog as well. Congradulations on the recent publishing! Wow!

Heather, said...

Love the clowns, even though clowns DO usually freak me out. (Why is that?)I especially like the one with the pink wings! I will link your blog up to mine, because everyone should get a peek at your wonderful work! Thanks for sharing, see you at Artfest...19 days! peace, heather


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