Thursday, March 20, 2008

Artsy Photos

Just sharing some more photos of my trip. I need to start an album of my graveyard photos. Every where I travel, I am drawn towards the graveyards. I love the way they feel.

Sacred, quiet, forbidden, dark. Comforting in a strange way. Evidence of all that has come before and a nod to its continuation, as I stand alive and breathing over the deceased.

I also keep meaning to start photographing the Descansos you pass along the roads and highways, and I commit it to writing with hopes of getting to it sooner as apose to later.

Descansos (Spanish for 'place of rest') traditionally marked the place of loss.

An article with more info on Descansos

and another

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calamele said...

When we traveled through New Mexico & Arizona last year...we came across some of the most elaborate descansos! They were all very well tended & so hauntingly beautiful. Each one would bring a somber silence to honor those that were lost.


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