Monday, March 17, 2008

Back from Vermont

Back home after a sweet, beautiful, and cold visit to Vermont. I did a little bit of art journaling, mainly doodling and integrating images. It was nice to just scribble and sketch on the plane. A good distraction. I forget how soothing it can be to doodle and play with pens and art crayons.

I started art journaling as a way to process and deal with some major life changes about 8 years ago. I was moved and captivated by both Dan Eldon and Sabrina Ward Harrison's journals. My first journal was really raw and full of emotions. It illustrates some of my emotional struggles at that time through, pictures, words, and poems. It did however lack in artistic complexity. (or did it?)

Taking a look back at that journal, I am struck by the rawness and honesty. I would like to bring more of that energy to my current journals. Besides the first journal, I have really struggled with using words and verbal journaling. I wonder if the idea of the "audience" scared my fragile little writer.

Another visual journaler who's work is absolutely amazing in my opinion, beautifully visual and totally raw and real is Traci Bunkers. The funny synchronicity of life, when I went to find her URL I found a great blog entry on just this subject.
Her bravery in sharing her internal struggles in such a striking format is commendable and inspiring.

To Do
  1. Journal more!

  2. Forget about my "audience"

  3. Be Brave

  4. Stop "just talking about it" and plan a journaling time with friends


Jay said...

I don't think your old journals are lacking in artistic complexity... but then, who am I :)

Clarissa Callesen said...

I was so shocked I had to almost stop and literally think "who is that talking"... smile thanks for stopping by love. I have thought that my earlier journals weren't as refined and in some technical ways they are not. But looking back at them I am really pleased with there energy and emotion.


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