Wednesday, August 5, 2009

aNoTHeR WeEkEnD aNoTHeR aRt ShOw

I didn't even unpack the van!! Which has made driving around for normal errands and such a bit of a challenge, but not as challenging as unpacking and repacking in less than a weeks time.

Anacortes Arts Festival this weekend Aug 7,8, and 9th
10-6pm Friday and Saturday 10-5 Sun
I am booth 508W between 5th and 6th street on the West side.

This is a big and impressive art festival worth checking out and not just for my work...

* Stop by my booth and mention that you read my blog for a free gift

Anacortes booth a few years ago

a new buddha shrine

Everything has fiber added to it now after Art Fiberfest

A new ceramic doll that was a collaboration between my mom and me

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Linda Sue said...

Yay! I hope to make it down- crowds and parking usually undo me but I LOVE this show especially-might take some rescue rmeedy and just jump in the middle, the weather looks like it might co-operate! Good luck Have a great time and sell loads- your stuff is the absolute to die for BEST!
( I still can not part with the christmas gifts that I bought for others last year- I think, will they love this as much as I do- the answer comes up "better keep them" and so I do)


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