Saturday, August 15, 2009

PiCtoRiAL rEviEw ArT FiBEr FeSt

I am realizing how much Art Fiber Fest influenced my work.
I have a sewing room (more like a corner) now.
I bought Rit dye to alter some stuff.
I am thinking in terms of how fiber can be added to my mixed media assemblage, OK more than thinking I have been adding lots of torn bits of fiber and string to just about everything that will hold still.
I made fabric cuffs for the past shows and plan to make lots more...
hmmm... I didn't think fabric and sewing was my thing but ... who am I to question the whims of the artistic muse..
So in honor of my inspiration source a pictorial review of Art Fiber Fest 09

Beautiful campus at Reed College

Mural outside the dining hall

Crazy fabuluous art from Show and Tell night

My booth from Vendor's night

Our empty bottle Art

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"Our empty bottle Art Installation"


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