Wednesday, January 13, 2010

iTs A nEw YeAr!!

The holidays are over and I feel like I can breathe again... Now I am bursting with too many ideas about what I want to do next, and I swear I sometimes exhaust myself by just thinking too much... Anyone else do that?

but First off ... THANK YOU !!! to all my patrons that helped support my art work over the holidays, with out you I couldn't do this plus I would be drowning in artwork literally...

Been doing some cleaning, purging, and reorganizing which feels great but never seems to end either...

Planning on scheduling a class soon... any requests? Art journaling? Altered doll in house?
Winged creature assemblage?

New Years non resolution.. I want to blog more regularly but sometimes really struggle with mental blocks around it and would also like to promote/ get more visitors to my blog... Any thoughts or suggestions????

OK It seems I am kind of chatty and looking for a conversation..

Hope the New Year finds you all happy, healthy, and peaceful..

1 comment:

Shannon Spears said...

I'd love another assemblage class


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