Friday, January 15, 2010


What does the word "sanctuary" mean to you?
Calm... Safe... Protected...
Those are the first word to my mind... I tend to think of holy or spiritual places. Beautiful ancient cathedrals filled with altars, candles,and the evidence of so much history and human spirit.
But I also think of the larger than life blue, blue sky while laying on my back in the sand, filling my complete vision and humbling my tiny humanness. Then there is the safe cave of my bedroom filled with art, cats, and love.
Where do you think of as sanctuary?
I made this piece in Nov for the X-mas season and it was a favorite of many. Sometimes when I am working I will start a piece with a specific word or phrase in mind, but often the piece will be almost finish before it tells me what word it want to complete it. That was the case in Sanctuary.
I really enjoy working in a very limited palette and exploring all the nuances of white, cream, and sepia. The base was a small wooden plaque from the goodwill turned backwards, so the back of the original piece became the front even including the original hanger as a decorative element. I enjoyed the pretty "Victorian" or "shabby chic" aesthetic in this peace with lots of buttons, lace, and vintage paper.

This piece found a new home over the holiday season, but I am sure there will be more like it in the future..
Peace and calm, Clarissa

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