Sunday, March 28, 2010

BaBy cHiCks

Oh!!! I have deep love for feathered creatures. One of my best experience in life (literally) was raising three baby sparrow who's nest got blown down. It was quite an experience hand feeding them every couple of hours until they got big enough to eat on there own. They survived and learned to fly in my house and then slowly reintegrated back to the wild... I miss them...

Well, this spring my mom (Letha) decided to raise a small flock of hens at her new home and I got to help pick them out and get to play chicken aunty! There are six of them; Hannah, Helga, Irene, Red, Sasha, and Fiona. They were so sweet when they first came home. I was under a lot of stress and I would go over to house for chicky therapy. I would wrap up all the babies in a towel and lay them on my chest and we would nap together. I think incubator baby chicks really miss the warmth and pressure of a momma hen sitting on them . They are now growing so fast and quickly looking like gangly teenagers crossed with road runners.

Baby Sparrows I raised Romeo, Juliet, and Ophelia

Fiona and Helga

Red and Hannah

Red and Hannah on the kitchen table

Hannah, Helga, and Red

Chicken Aunty Clarissa


kecia deveney said...

hi clarissa! i bought a couple of your birds at Arfest and just LOVE them! i went around and showed them that night and sent many people over to your table. i was happy to see later that you had sold them all! i loved the crow too, he was pretty awesome.
loved your chickey story - very sweet. i am a bird nerd myself - so it made me smile.


Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by Kecia! I am so glad you got some of my junk birds at Artfest. It was great to see them all fly away to new homes.. yay for bird nerds!

Anonymous said...

I want some baby chicks too!!So sweet!


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