Friday, March 19, 2010

NeEd YoUr PaRticApAtiOn

I have been participating in the Seattle Erotic Art Festival for many years now, as a juried artist , with items in the gift shop, and as appreciator of erotic art and performances. I believe strongly that sexuality is an important part of our lives, a part that is often disregarded or shamed. Events like SEAF give us all an opportunity to celebrate and explore the diversity of our human sexual experience in all of it's faces be that: profane, beautiful, messy, scary, sweet, profound, and mundane. I invite you to hold your judgement, explore, and participate?

This year I have been invited to create an interactive installation as well as exhibit my largest assemblage piece to date "The Ultimate Mistress". The installation project is dear to my heart, it both thrills me and keeps me up at night. I am creating an interacting public shrine to celebrate the sacredness of our diverse sexual experiences, with it being named simply "Sagrado".
The shrine is inspired and influence by the lavish details found in El Dia de los Muertos shrines, voudou shrines, and roadside shrines. In particular their profound connection with the individual person and everyday life.

In my effort to represent as much diversity as possible I am looking for contributions far and wide. So participate please and pass the word... (offical info below)

Sagrado Installation for Seattle Erotic Arts Festival 2010

Our Culture has a tendency to trivialize, stigmatize, and exploit one of our most sacred experiences. The visceral human experience of sexuality.

In response to this I am creating a public interactive shrine to debut at the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival 2010, that will celebrate and exalt our diverse and sacred sexuality.

The main stay of the shrine will be evidence in the form of stories, objects, pictures, and specimens.

Please join me in celebrating the sacredness of our human sexuality by participating in Sagrado.

How to participate:

What represents your unique sexuality?

What offering would you put upon an altar to the sacredness of your sexuality?





A hand written naughty note from that lover so many years ago, scraps of the t shirt cut off you in that crazy scene, the one lacy stocking left that you wore so many times to seduce your husband or your wife, those hot nasty anonymous pictures you took late one night, a beloved broken sex toy that seen so many hours of fun, a prayer for our world to have more sex and less war, the shame of hiding your sexuality for so many years expressed in a poem, secret sexual longing expressed anonymously, scraps of a soiled bed sheet, discarded condom wrappers or misc garbage left from sex, or….

I am particularly interested in objects that have history and meaning for you. I am also really invested in representing as much diversity as possible in this project. Be that body size, skin color, gender expression, differently-abled, age, cultural, sexual expressions... etc

All submissions will become property of the project unless other arrangements are made, and alterations may be made to objects in order to create artistic continuity. Any submissions that contain bodily fluids need to be packaged carefully in a sealed bag and labeled so they can be dealt with in a safe manner.

Mail to: Sagado

C. Callesen

Box 2516

Ferndale, WA 98248

Or email :

Deadline for submissions April 15th

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