Saturday, May 22, 2010


Dear Clarissa:

I'm delighted to let you know that you have won third place visiting artist in the audience choice awards for best in show. Congratulations!

Audience Choice

1. Allan Teger, Buddha, Farmlands, and Seagulls. Vero Beach, FL
2. Chi Lum, Passion. Los Altos, CA
3. Clarissa Callesen, The Ultimate Mistress and Sagrado Shrine, Bellingham, WA
Honorable Mention: Art Tickle, Take One and Take Two. Los Angeles, CA
Honorable Mention: K Leo, Move Me Over - Part One. Chicago, IL

Your name will be added to our Wikipedia page and highlighted whenever possible. A gallery of photos of the 2010 Festival have just been posted. We'll be adding to this in the coming weeks.
Again congratulations and thanks so much for participating in this year's Festival


Anna Hurwitz, Director
Seattle Erotic Art Festival

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Queerly Yours said...

OOOO! Congratulations! How cool is that! Bravo!


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