Friday, May 28, 2010


So... wow!! I have neglected my little etsy shop this spring... but not today, Two new things posted. One of my dolls from the Art Doll Quarterly article I wrote nov/dec/jan 2010. Its kind of hard to let her go, but its time for her to find a new home. I also have few junk birds left from my last show, they were so popular at Artfest that I sold out. So I listed a lil green bird along with the doll.

Here are the links and the descriptions:

Original Art Doll
Featured in Art Doll Quarterly Fall 2009 in the article 'Don't Box Me In'
'Her Heart was Ready to Fly'
By Clarissa Callesen

6 ” x 3” x 4.5'
Ready to hang
Signed on back
This sweet doll was made for an article I wrote for Art Doll Quarterly magazine. She is a reclaimed doll that sits in a small house. She is being cramped and confined in her little home and is sharing her confinement with a leashed bird. She speaks to all the ways and times that situations start to limit and confine us and how that affects our lives and those around us, but there is hope in her she is strong and reaching out from her cramped space and getting ready to fly. Don't miss this unique soulful piece of artwork.

Junk Bird- green
Mixed Media Hanging

By Clarissa Callesen

6 ” x 6”
Ready to hang

This whimsical little bird can't help but make you smile. He is created by salvaging a terribly tacky dollar store ornament and giving it new life. Colorful strips of recycled fabric, feathers, and bits of rusty metal make this adorable fellow. Hang in a window or in your kitchen or from your rear view mirror.

this listing is for one bird, the green one.

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