Tuesday, June 8, 2010

cHiCkEn UpDaTE

I am well overdue on a chicken update...They are basically grown now and will start laying in a couple of months. These pictures are from their awkward teenager stage where they were so homely they were adorable. Sasha turned out to be Sam the rooster and found a new home. Fiona is the strangest and most photogenic in that bizarre creature way. She looks a bit like an alien or dinosaur in these pictures, she is considerably smaller than Hannah and Helga the Buff Orfingtons about 1/2 size with short legs and five toes. Hannah the gold colored one is probably the most cuddly and will just jump up into your lap and sit like a cat. They are just the sweetest creatures!


layla said...

those little chickie babies are so stinking cute...so glad you posted a chicken update :)

Clarissa Callesen said...

Thanks hun, I tend to think there the "bestest chickens in the whole wide world"

Clarissa Callesen said...

(My blog posts to my facebook, but my comments on facebook don't transfer to blogger)

Shelly Williams I was surprised at how soft they were!
June 12 at 5:22pm · Like ·

Jenni Hinson how did i not know you've got chickens??? aw...let me know if ya ever need a sitter!
June 13 at 1:27am · Like ·

Clarissa Callesen They are not technically mine.. I am more like a chicken aunty but oh I love them so... they live with my mom up the road from my place.
June 13 at 12:40pm · Like ·

Brenna Elder-McCoy awwwww... so cute! yay chickies!
June 14 at 9:50am · Like ·

Jenni Hinson well, I'm glad you get to enjoy them, wherever they live. they are adorable! and fresh eggs can't be beat..


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