Saturday, June 12, 2010

hOusE PiCtuReS

center piece original
center piece crackle
center piece just color enhanced
center piece voudou collage
13 ball original
13 ball voudou collage
13 ball color enhance and texture
creepy doll original
creepy doll crackle and texture
creepy doll subtle texture

So I got a few new treasures on a lovely day trip with my dear friend Bec a few weeks back, we went for a drive down Chuckanut Drive, stopped for lunch, and checked out the junk store. I returned home with a scary doll for the collection, a giant crucifix, a box of old bottle caps, and a two old cue balls. A purple solid number 4 for Jay cause if you know Jay at all you know his favorite number is 4, and then an orange striped number 13 for myself. I love the number 13 cause its suppose to be unlucky and scary. I say embrace the scary and unlucky and make it your own. So I was just going to post these fun pictures as blog fodder the way they were... and then I got to playing around with Photoshop and they became a whole other project of FUN. Which one is your favorite?


layla said...

i rather love the crackle creepy doll...and the textured one with the 13 ball...looks like you had a great time making the pretty pictures...oh and you pretty much rock!

Clarissa Callesen said...

Danielle Love Those are cool!!!! 13 is my lucky number!!! Whenever I guess it I win!!!
June 14 at 7:13pm · Like ·

Karen Frances Centerpiece voudou collage and creepy doll subtle texture. from junk shop to photoshop--groovy
June 14 at 10:43pm · Like ·

Colleen Bryan center piece voodoo collage!
Tuesday at 7:01am · Like ·

Laurie Farrington I love the doll photos.... but really I love what you said: "I say embrace the scary and unlucky and make it your own". tis the only way to live!

Clarissa Callesen said...

Facebook transfers my blog posts, but the comments don't transfer back... :( SO I DID IT MYSELF!


The crackle doll is my favorite!


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