Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I will be teaching three upcoming classes at my home studio.  All have spaces still available! 

To register for classes I need payment in full

I can take credit cards over the phone call 360-305-9058

or make arrangements to mail me a check.  

All classes have a small materials list, email me for further information  clarissacallesen@gmail.com

Winged  Assemblage

Saturday July 10 from 10am -4pm  with a 45min lunch break.(Please bring a sack lunch)

$80 limited to 6 students

Learn basic assemblage techniques while creating a winged goddess, monster, saint, or creature from another world. We will cover different methods for attaching 3D objects. I will share with you some of my “secret techniques” for altering objects to take ordinary modern objects and make then look like antique relics. Learn to work with you mistakes and embrace chaos. This is both a technique and project based class. You will finish a piece of art in the class and learn many techniques to use in your personal art.



Altered Doll

Saturday July 17 from 10am -4pm with a 45min lunch break.

(Please bring a sack lunch)

$80 limited to 6 students

There is magic in the act of reclaiming an object and turning it into art. Dolls are as ancient as humans. They can be just toys for children.   They can also be important icons in artwork and spiritual shrines. We will deconstruct and reclaim an ordinary or perhaps even tacky commercial doll and turn it into a meaningful work of art.   I will provide you with a small jointed porcelain  doll for you to alter. . By reclaiming and recycling an already constructed doll, you can skip right to the fun part. No sewing, no stuffing, no patterns, just decorating, dressing and embellishing. Through layering paint and ink, we will create a unique “antique” texture as a base for a hand painted artistic face. We will “dress” our dolls through wrapping string, fabric, tape, and wire to create a richly textured artwork. I will show you two different unique techniques for creative wings. I believe in embracing the grunge and cherishing the haphazard. This is both a project and technique based class which you will leave with a unique piece of art as well as skills useful not just to art dolls but to assemblage work in general.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA





Junk Birds

Sunday July 18 from 10am -4pm with a 45min lunch break.

(Please bring a sack lunch)

$70 limited to 6 students

Everywhere we look stores are full of large quantities of mass produced decorative items, which tend to be aesthetically challenged or just plain ugly.  More often than not they are also sterile and soulless.  But if you dare to join me we will deconstruct these objects and then with an open, playful spirit, we will recreate and reconstruct them into our own unique pieces of soulful art.

Starting with a commercially made artificial bird decorations we will engage in some deconstruction. Through the use of fabric, wire, string, and whatever else, we will create a complex textural base on our bird/s. Then using thin metal and found objects we will build new beaks, wings, and eyes. We will embellish and add richness to our creation, with beads, buttons, paint, ink, and wax.

This is a project-based class with tons of room for exploration and variation. I really encourage everyone to go where their muse is leading them. We will be learning lots of fun easy techniques that produce quick, dramatic results. You’ll find that these newly learned techniques can be applied to many different kinds of mixed media work.  I look forward to playing with you.



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Wow! You're super talented! Great work all around! I am now following your blog.


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