Tuesday, May 3, 2011

JuNk BiRd & HaPpY HaRpiES ClAsSeS

Day two of Artfest was spent making Junk Birds out of scrap of fabric and feathers. It was a super fun silly class with lots of creative exploration.  It was inspirational to see what other people did with a form that I have worked with a lot!



P4070519P4070520P4070488 P4070490 P4070494 P4070495 P4070498 P4070502 P4070504 P4070507 P4070509 P4070510 P4070514 P4070515 P4070517

Day three was Happy Harpy class and I was a tired tired girl.. The work was outstanding in this class as well but alas I did not do a good job of photo documentation. 

P4080531P4080530  P4080533 P4080534P4080537  

A big THANK YOU  to all my great students at Artfest !!!

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