Monday, November 10, 2008

NOt mY FaVoRiTe TiME oF yEaR

So Fall is beautiful in lots of ways and we have been blessed with an abundance of sunny days for the Pacific NW, but over all not my favorite time of the year. It is a really busy time of the year for me, getting ready for the impending x-mas season. The darkness and rain increasing seems to put a damper on my sensitive moods. I want to hibernate, eat mashed potatoes, and watch lots of sappy movies. But there are hundreds of Christmas ornaments to be made, and hangings, and assemblages, and magnets, and cards, and submissions to be done for the next year, and classes I promised to teach.... SHIT (I am sorry to all those I promised classes to this fall.. I really was hoping to make that happen, but it ended up just being too much on top of everything else.)
I love Halloween... I mean its a holiday made for me.. but I rarely have a lot of energy for it with all the production going on.. But I got to say the other two big holidays.. not really my cup of tea..
Which pretty much at to the list of feeling out of sorts. I mean who doesn't like Thanksgiving and Christmas... i don't.... and I would like that to just go quietly by without much notice in my life... But just try not to participate in two major American holidays and watch how loud everything seems to get...
I am working on having compassion for myself around this time of year. Not trying to change my mood but to have acceptance for it and peace with it . Wish me luck...

So yeah... not my favorite time of year.


Judy Wise said...

shhhh. Don't tell anyone. Me too. xo

Binky said...

Mum's the word. I don't mind Thanksgiving if the kids cook but I can't stand Christmas.
It p*sses me off that we are already watching commercials for it. AND, when I positively must set foot in a store I'm confronted with all if the decorations already.
Maybe we should begin a big revolt right here in the NW and Repeal Christmas

Carla Trujillo said...

The holiday season goes by pretty fast. Hang in there!
I have little ones, so I get drawn into the festivities.


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