Friday, November 21, 2008

On WiTH tHE sHoW!!!

So after my last grumble fest of a blog. I thought I should share a peek into all the work I have been doing! And it is official I am completely set up for my biggest show of the year! I am tired and sore but relieved and accomplished. Blog to follow with show details. The repetitiveness of doing production is challenging while clutched in its grasp, but it is rewarding and fun to see all the heaps of finished pieces when done.

So pictures to follow, starting with the chaos of the creative process.

Messy table with all kinds of things in the works

So many Christmas ( oops I mean Holiday) ornaments to glaze

Mixed media ornaments built on tiny scraps of reclaimed moldings and vintage boards

New designs in my collage tag magnets

A preview of my junk bird ornaments reconstructed from cheesy X-mas decorations

A crazy art doll in the process

More previews to come....

1 comment:

Kim Carney said...

love the crazy doll!


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