Monday, March 31, 2008

ArTfeSt TrAdeS

ok.. last minuting it in true procrastinator form!

Not really with the "theme" of Forest floor but Hell!

I never had been very good at following directions. lol..

So I had a bunch of hand made ceramic charms that I had made a while ago that the glaze didn't turn out very well and they ended up very bland and boring. So I had some burnt beeswax (another trip that didn't go the way I planned) that I decided to dip the charms in to create an nice aged patina. I am happy with the way they turned out and even had to keep a few for some projects.

So they are going in bags with my lil art cards that you can see in the back for all the HaPpY SilLy fUn trading at Art Fest.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

dia de los muertos clay hanging

Just uploaded to Etsy!

Chaos/ Fertility Assemblage detail

Posted some new fun to etsy! Damn it still takes me forever to get things posted! Check out my lil Etsy store if you haven't had a chance.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Artsy Photos

Just sharing some more photos of my trip. I need to start an album of my graveyard photos. Every where I travel, I am drawn towards the graveyards. I love the way they feel.

Sacred, quiet, forbidden, dark. Comforting in a strange way. Evidence of all that has come before and a nod to its continuation, as I stand alive and breathing over the deceased.

I also keep meaning to start photographing the Descansos you pass along the roads and highways, and I commit it to writing with hopes of getting to it sooner as apose to later.

Descansos (Spanish for 'place of rest') traditionally marked the place of loss.

An article with more info on Descansos

and another

Monday, March 17, 2008

Back from Vermont

Back home after a sweet, beautiful, and cold visit to Vermont. I did a little bit of art journaling, mainly doodling and integrating images. It was nice to just scribble and sketch on the plane. A good distraction. I forget how soothing it can be to doodle and play with pens and art crayons.

I started art journaling as a way to process and deal with some major life changes about 8 years ago. I was moved and captivated by both Dan Eldon and Sabrina Ward Harrison's journals. My first journal was really raw and full of emotions. It illustrates some of my emotional struggles at that time through, pictures, words, and poems. It did however lack in artistic complexity. (or did it?)

Taking a look back at that journal, I am struck by the rawness and honesty. I would like to bring more of that energy to my current journals. Besides the first journal, I have really struggled with using words and verbal journaling. I wonder if the idea of the "audience" scared my fragile little writer.

Another visual journaler who's work is absolutely amazing in my opinion, beautifully visual and totally raw and real is Traci Bunkers. The funny synchronicity of life, when I went to find her URL I found a great blog entry on just this subject.
Her bravery in sharing her internal struggles in such a striking format is commendable and inspiring.

To Do
  1. Journal more!

  2. Forget about my "audience"

  3. Be Brave

  4. Stop "just talking about it" and plan a journaling time with friends


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