Friday, April 29, 2011


Wow! teaching my first class at ArtFest…It was super exciting and a bit nerve racking, but oh so satisfying.  I had the best students that did the most creative work. I was great to watch a room full of people work within a format I work in all the time and see the incredible diversity of approaches and styles. I can’t help but be influenced by the creativity of my students…   So here is a photo documentation of Doll Transformed Class Artfest 2011…


Great to see it in print….


This is what a lot of the dolls looked like before we got started

P4060436 P4060437 P4060439 P4060460 P4060461 P4060462 P4060464 P4060466P4060467P4060470 P4060471 P4060472 P4060473 P4060475 P4060477 P4060480 P4060483

These pictures that follow are from Show and Tell night, after the students have got to do some final touches and refining.   I was blown away by the creativity and quality of everyone’s work.

P4080543P4080542P4080546 P4080547 P4080550 P4080551

Monday, April 25, 2011

SpRiNg ArTwOrK

It has been a productive and good Spring so far. Well using the word “spring” metaphorically since its just been the last couple of weeks that it has actually felt like spring outside.

Keeping up with all aspects of being an artist and still having a life continues to be challenging and in that process things like my blog get neglected. I do love being self employed though! It is hard and not for everyone, but I cherish the ability to have more time with my chosen family and more flexibility to enjoy what life brings my way. My mantra these days… MAKE ART… LOVE PEOPLE… THE REST WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF.

But back to the artwork, I wanted to share with you some of the new work I have been doing this spring. Most of this work was made to go to Artfest and a fair amount of it has found new homes. Oh Artfest!!! was amazing and I have pictures and stories to come…



This piece was in the Gallery at Artfest and is still AVAILABLE.


I had these old hanging vegetable baskets in my studio forever and then suddenly brilliance struck and the smallest basket became the skirt on this girl with a bird on her head. AVAILABLE



Another smaller “snow queen” doll who started her life as a terribly tacky ballerina doll from the dollar store. SOLD



Ok a bit darker now… its hard to see from this view but there is a small baby with a skeleton face riding a cockroach on the stomach of this “clown” SOLD



Ok still having a strong fascination with Bunny people…

This falls into the sort of sweet with a heavy side of creepy or weird? How would you describe it?

This piece is using a new technique I am playing with that combines plaster on top of reclaimed porcelain dolls. AVAILABLE


Mermaid doll with apoxy sculpt octopus that I LOVE and lower body and fins made with gut over the top of a wire armature. One of my favorite pieces this spring. SOLD

P4040469 A larger “snow princess” SOLD


P4040506 This is probably my most favorite doll of this group of work. The face was inspired by a Picasso painting and is different than my normal style. It has a very circus feeling and I love the fact that the doll is of ambiguous gender. AVAILABLE



Bone Head doll with some darker energy and tons of fun texture! AVAILABLE

P4040562 P4040573

So this is another new technique I have been messing around with and I am considering submit a class proposal for next years Artfest. What do you think? The technique is basically Frankenstuffed animal. Take an ugly stuffed bunny cut its face off… replace with doll head.. cut bunny paw off replace with old doll arm… reshape and recreate with sewing and painting… SOLD


A sweet little tin with a hybrid swan woman. I do so enjoy working in a small format… AVAILABLE


P4040587 P4040596

So I have been recreating/ resurrecting used porcelain dolls for quite a few years now. I have also worked in ceramics for the last 12 years, and I HAD NEVER THOUGHT TO MAKE MY OWN CERAMIC DOLL HEADS! Laughing at myself! So these are some new one of a kind doll heads either for making your own doll or for just a small unique sculpture.

Bunny and Knob Head SOLD Angel AVAILABLE


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