Wednesday, March 25, 2009

SuCcEsSfuL cLaSs ! ! !

Class Inspiration Packet

Six amazing women joining me in my studio this past weekend to play with making winged assemblages. I was amazed at the quality of work that came out of the class. Everyone left with one piece of finished art and some two. Its fun to see the diversity of each individual expression of the theme. Wow, it was a pleasure. Stay tuned I will be teaching this class again next month.

Now check out these works of art!

Dani's piece honoring motherhood

Ann's piece featuring a great vintage picture of her mom

Deb's piece honoring a lost pet

Marilyn's two great pieces using fabulous old finds
Shannon's fun piece incorporating a modern image with vintage finds very successfully

Sue's pieces with an amazing old doll as centerpiece

Thursday, March 12, 2009

LoNg AwAiTeD ClAsS ! ! !

Winged Creature Assemblage
Saturday March 21 from 10am -4pm with an hour lunch break.
(please bring a sack lunch)

$70 limited to 6 students
"Learn basic assemblage techniques while creating a winged goddess, monster, or creature from another world. We will cover different methods for attaching 3D objects. I will share with you some of my “secret techniques” for altering objects to take ordinary modern objects and make then look like antique relics. Learn to work with you mistakes and embrace chaos. This is both a technique and project based class. You will finish a piece of art in the class and learn many techniques to use in your personal art.

Material list
An object or two to use as a base, a piece of wood, a box lid, a book cover, or..
Not larger than 8”x10”
Images of faces and figures, color copies, b/ w copies, magazine cut outs
A sm tube of household liquid nails glue
Some small fabric scraps
Small random objects to add to your assemblage (beads, keys, plastic animals, rusty metal, whatever catches your eye)
cheap acrylic paint (Folk art or Americana) in brown, off white, and black
a small paint brush for detail work

heat gun if you have one

I will provide
A set of wings
Glass discs
paint brushes
palettes and water containers
various acrylic paints
an inspiration packet
a selection of communal collage and assemblage materials for sharing

To register for classes I need payment in full
I can take credit cards over the phone call 360-305-9058

Monday, March 9, 2009


"In chaos there is fertility" Anais Nin
One of my absolute favorite quotes that I have reproduced in my art many a time. Its my favorite because it speaks to my life. I have never been overly good at organizing and keeping things in tidy little lines, and I have found that when I do my creativity wanes. A certain level of organization, I have found to be necessary for sanity and productivity. But when I am stuck on what to add next to an art piece, I reach for the boxes that are not sorted that are just full of random weird crap.. They make me happy...

My house is a bit of creative chaos, I do some arranging and such but a lot of it happens organically with out much thought..

So to share a bit of the fertile chaos that is my living space...

Friday, March 6, 2009


I am back at the work table, gluing, cutting, burning, and swearing occasionally. I am getting ready for Artfest, which besides going as a participant I am also vending again this year with my creations. So I am busy trying to create some really cool things for all the discerning eyes that attend Artfest. I am currently obsessed with reclaiming old or ugly commercial dolls and turning them into art dolls.. So here is a visual tour of what I have been up to... None of these pieces are 100% done and some are just in the begininng stages...


So I got my acceptance letter for Seattle Erotic Arts Festival... Yeah!

"Dear Clarissa Callesen:
We are delighted to inform you that you have been selected to show in the 2009 Seattle Erotic Art Festival. Your work was one of 215 pieces chosen from 2,100 submissions we received from 530 artists in 38 states and 29 countries. Congratulations! "

My Art doll got accepted, but my paintings did not. I am not too surprised about the paintings I kind of knew they were not at the level they needed to be. But at least I painted two more paintings in my life..


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