Friday, May 22, 2009


If you local and can brave the Ski to Sea crowds there are amazing deals on beautiful art at:

Good Earth Pottery's Annual 2nds Sale
Sunday, May 24, 2009
10:00am - 6:00pm
In front of Good Earth Pottery
1000 Harris Ave
Bellingham, WA

I will not be present for the sale as I am going to enjoy the first Memorial day weekend off in 10 years. But I did drop off 3 boxes work. Pottery hangings that the glaze didn't turn out quite right, older work that just needs a good home(including some mixed media work), cracked pieces that would be fabulous for a mosaic artist, and other strange treasures.
Go early for the best selection . Happy weekend! Enjoy the beautiful weather

Monday, May 18, 2009


So I always admire Cathy Cullis's mosaic mondays on her blog. I have found lots of inspiring amazing artists through her choices. But being a hands-on kind of girl I want to do it myself!! After several trys I think I made it work.. fingers crossed.. and thank you to all the amazing artists that share there work through Flickr.

1. travels - journal16, 2. queen bee and the angel, 3. What It Is To Be Human, 4. 017, 5. Les Fleurs de Versailles, 6. intent, 7. Blue and Green, 8. the sisters of perpetual road rage, 9. ballet at the crossing of the river styx, 10. The old symbol of the planet Earth has escaped !, 11. "eSpEcTRo" aka "cEraLiA", 12. He didn't deserve either one of them, 13. baby jesus, 14. 4 manly faces, 15. wip, 16. Pouty baby monster doll, 17. VOGELEMANSJE MAUWIE, 18. vogelemansje, 19. Carmen, 20. Voodoo Bunch, 21. horse, 22. Marinette, 23. Alicia, 24. sketch 365, day 9, 25. פסלי עיסת נייר 2 035, 26. hallowed tree south of Barrie, 27. Vintage Collage, 28. Stiched Flower Postcard, 29. pendants, 30. Josephine, 31. trio, 32. looking up, 33. Febrifuge (new title), 34. hospital, 35. Luna Parc 2008 (18), 36. Luna Parc 2008 (23)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

tHe HaRD wORk oF SeLF cARE

So I had to make a tough decision this last week... I cancelled a big commitment. I did not go to the University District Street Fair as a Vendor this weekend. Between a 10 day dance with the wretched flu, selling so much work at Artfest (super grateful!), SEAF, and the regular stresses of living on this planet and having relationships with other humans, I was a total wiped out ball of stress last Monday morning. So with lots of guilt, self doubt, and watching money disappear down the toilet, I made the tough decision to take care of myself and cancel my commitment...
I have spent the week eating well and exercising, spending time doing nothing, and working on exciting new projects. I feel much better... except for the lil twinges of guilt. So I apologize if you looked for me at the Udistrict fair this last weekend. I was busy doing the hard work of taking care of myself...


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