Friday, July 31, 2009


Come Join me this weekend at Bellingham's Own Art Festival.. I have lots of fun new stuff!
Stop by and say hello my booth is on Cornwall Ave close to Rite Aid..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

RiCh aRt's ArT yARd

If your driving down the I-5 corridor between Seattle and Portland pull off the freeway in Centralia,WA! When you get off the ramp hang a left and follow the road into the older part of Centralia and keep your eyes out for the art house of Rich Art on your left, park along side the road and get out for a closer look into a magical art enviroment made completely out of recycled, discarded things. I first discovered Rich Art 6 yrs ago on a trip to Seaside OR with my dear Bec. I have adored outsider art and art houses for many many years, and it was such a treat to find Rich Art's Art Yard. This time I got to share it with my mom and even got to offer a hand in the construction of a new piece. I fully plan to be puttering around gluing and painting my house into an art piece in my golden years...

Here is a link to lots of great pictures on flicker by Ruby's Reusables

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Wow.. I am so behind on my blog, I had to start a list of the things I need to blog about.

What have I been up to?
Another fabulous fun class at my studio. I have the best students in the world! It is a real challenge to find time to teach and then the motivation to clean up my studio in preparation. But I am always delighted after the experience! Thank you!

A side trip to one of my favorite places on the way to Art Fiberfest. Rich Art's art house in Centralia... I want to have an art house! Someday That is what I am planning on doing when I retire. lol... have pictures and more info to share soon...

Then there was Art Fiberfest! wow.. so much fun.. so much wine... again amazing people.
Lots of new ideas and new connections. More pictures and blogging to come.

and then..... after the class and Art Fiberfest... I caught the Martian Death Flu for a week of hell which then turned into the Martian Death Depression... So the last two weeks, not so much fun, but I can see the light again and I am actually typing a blog.

Ok, Let start with pictures from the latest class, Altered Image Collage. We worked on canvas boards to create collage paintings. Creating unique imagery by combining and altering collage materials. Some really fun results came out of the class.


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