Thursday, January 17, 2013


Ok So calling the Weather around here anything like spring is a big JOKE.  But hopefully when some of the later classes come along it will be SPRING.  OK maybe New Year would be a better description.
The New Year class schedule for 2013.
All classes held at my studio at 1920 Main st. Suite #8 Ferndale, WA. A lunch break of 30mins is included in the schedule. A sack lunch is recommended. Full payment is required to register. Call 360-305-9058
Rewards for those of you that are inclined to take more than one class
2 classes/ $150   3 classes/ $210    5 classes / $325

Sat Jan 26, Chaos Art Journaling 10am- 4:30pm $80
This is a great class for unlocking your creativity. We will be creating a “visual” journal. A place to explore, play, test, rant, and nourish your creativity.
Sat Feb 9, Sacred Heart Assemblage 10am-4:30 pm
$80 with $15 supply fee
In honor of Valentine’s Day, I will be doing a basic assemblage class inspired by the iconic sacred heart. We will explore ways to texture and altar new objects, attachments, sculpting, and painting.
Sat Feb 16, Mixed Media Jewelry Pendant 10am- 4:30pm
$80 plus $25 supply fee
A beginner’s class on using found objects to create jewelry. We will cover many techniques including, etching, basic wire working, and soldering
Sat and Sun March 16, 17 Art Doll Intensive  $190
An expanded two day class on creating my unique reclaimed Art Dolls. Besides the basics of altering, face painting and clothing, we will delve into altering our dolls even further with the use of apoxy clay and other secret tricks.IMG_2653edit
Sat April 6, Distressing Techniques 10am-4:30 pm $80
Sometimes in working with Found Objects you just can’t find or afford that perfect vintage items. So come and let me share my secrets for transforming new objects into vintage treasures. ccallesennewtooldsized

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

ArT JouRnAlinG


Besides shrines, I would say that Art Journaling was one of my first big loves in the Mixed Media world.  One of the first art journal I saw was Dan Eldon’s The Journey is Not the Destination. Check out the whole website. It is a beautiful work of art that came from tragedy

The other Art Journaler that inspired me early on was Sabrina Ward Harrison.

Both of them messy chaotic rich Art Journalers. Which greatly inspired my style.

Now days days Art Journaling is HUGE… The number of artists doing extraordinary work is mind blowing.  Search YouTube for Art Journaling and prepare to be overwhelmed with tutorials. 

Art Journaling helped me process a really messy breakup and the subsequent broken self esteem in my 20’s.   I so enjoyed journaling in the Art Asylum from the early days of Artfest. But it has fallen by the wayside in my artistic life these days.  You see its art that is not for sale. It is not a commodity.  Because of these excuses I have postponed it till after the “real” work is done.  Which we all know is NEVER.  

So I want to share with you some of my older (5-7 yrs ago) art journaling pages to inspire myself to make time for this precious form of expression.


















Happy journaling!


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