Tuesday, June 22, 2010

mY fIrST BlOg GiVeAwAy



I was doing a bit of inventory on the work I had in my studio and stumbled on a box of older work.  Nice pieces, just pieces that haven’t found the right home yet.  This piece was the last one left in a serious of mousetrap collages, and like the last lonely apple left at the market it hasn’t been taken home.  Now I could offer a sale? or I could give them away?

I also have been spending a fair amount of time thinking about my blog presence and wanting to increase the number of followers and reward the faithful readers I already have.

So why not “kill two birds with one stone”.  You know I hate that saying!   I want a positive saying that means the same thing.  Any suggestions?

* Petting two cats at once.  (that is the saying a friend of mine uses)   hmmm?  not sure it works for me… but??

Alas I digress…  The point is 

I am hosting my first blog giveaway of this sweet little mousetrap assemblage.

Free Spirit by Clarissa Callesen  4”x 3”   ready to hang  signed on the back. 

Drawing will be held on July 23rd

* How to enter – become a follower of my blog

see cute sidebar with all the smiling faces.

If your already a follower then your already entered!

- Leave a comment, ok that isn’t required but it sure would be nice.

- If you link to this giveaway on your blog then I will enter your name twice.  (leave me a message so I know)

Thanks for playing…  




JaWbOnE JeSuS on EtSy


Just listed this on Etsy


Jawbone Jesus
Original Found Object Assemblage
By Clarissa Callesen
9 ” x 5” x 1.75"
Ready to hang
Signed on back
An eclectic, offbeat shrine to Jesus, constructed completely of found objects. The base of the shrine is an old weathered silver plate. The jawbones were gifted from some unfortunate roadkill. A dried starfish, a porcelain handle, silk flowers and buttons decorate the once was a night light, Jesus. All the pieces have been been treated with my signature paint,ink and wax process to create the look of an ancient patina.
please email if you have further questions...

Added on Jun 22, 2010



art, mixed media, assemblage, jesus,shrine, found object, bones, eclectic, off beat


found objects, bone, wood, clay, plastic, ink,paint, beeswax


Item ships from: United States

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United States
$6.00 USD
$4.00 USD

Payment methods

ClarissaCallesen accepts the following forms of payment:

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Friday, June 18, 2010

OlyMpIa pHoToS


I recently got to travel to Olympia and give a little art talk at the Timberland Library with fellow WA artist Ruby Reusable.  The Friends of the Library paid for my traveling expenses and put me up in the sweetest bed and breakfast

right behind the Library, Fertile Ground Guesthouse.   Beautiful decor, The room we stayed in which I didn’t get pictures of had natural plaster walls done by one of the owners, so it had a very southwest natural feeling with a picture of Frida hanging on the wall, totally perfect for me.  Great outdoor spaces with a large organic garden, lots of flowers, sitting places, and cats. So after surviving my public speaking engagement we part took of the local trending burrito place that served Kombucha cocktails.  Yes you heard me right, healthy good for your digestion Kombucha mixed with alcohol.   Strange but quite tasty. The next morning after a yummy breakfast served by our hostess we set about to explore some of downtown Olympia and thus the resulting photo documentation… enjoy!   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA













Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Virgin Mary Assemblage by ClarissaCallesen on Etsy

Virgin Mary Assemblage/ Shrine
Original found object assemblage
By Clarissa Callesen

9.5 ” x 10.5” x 3.5'
Ready to hang
Signed on back

This Assemblage is lovingly created from bright colored found objects.
The central image is junk store virgin Mary that I have repainted and distressed.
She sits securely on a child's pull toy, while fades silk flowers grace her feet.
Wiggle board, glass beads, plastic cake decorations, and broken jewelry decorate her little shrine.

please email if you have further questions...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

hOusE PiCtuReS

center piece original
center piece crackle
center piece just color enhanced
center piece voudou collage
13 ball original
13 ball voudou collage
13 ball color enhance and texture
creepy doll original
creepy doll crackle and texture
creepy doll subtle texture

So I got a few new treasures on a lovely day trip with my dear friend Bec a few weeks back, we went for a drive down Chuckanut Drive, stopped for lunch, and checked out the junk store. I returned home with a scary doll for the collection, a giant crucifix, a box of old bottle caps, and a two old cue balls. A purple solid number 4 for Jay cause if you know Jay at all you know his favorite number is 4, and then an orange striped number 13 for myself. I love the number 13 cause its suppose to be unlucky and scary. I say embrace the scary and unlucky and make it your own. So I was just going to post these fun pictures as blog fodder the way they were... and then I got to playing around with Photoshop and they became a whole other project of FUN. Which one is your favorite?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

cHiCkEn UpDaTE

I am well overdue on a chicken update...They are basically grown now and will start laying in a couple of months. These pictures are from their awkward teenager stage where they were so homely they were adorable. Sasha turned out to be Sam the rooster and found a new home. Fiona is the strangest and most photogenic in that bizarre creature way. She looks a bit like an alien or dinosaur in these pictures, she is considerably smaller than Hannah and Helga the Buff Orfingtons about 1/2 size with short legs and five toes. Hannah the gold colored one is probably the most cuddly and will just jump up into your lap and sit like a cat. They are just the sweetest creatures!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ice Princess Original Art Doll by ClarissaCallesen on Etsy

Ice Princess Original Art Doll by ClarissaCallesen on Etsy:
Ice Princess
Original Art Doll
'Her Heart was Ready to Fly'
By Clarissa Callesen

17 ” x 7.5” x 4.5'
Ready to hang or display
Signed on back

This beautiful doll is made from a reclaimed junk store doll.
She has been deconstructed and transformed. The face, hands, and legs are hand painted using my unique painting techniques
to recreate an old weathered,romantic look. She is dressed in recycled fabrics that I hand dyed and accented with found objects.
There is a wind up music box in her back that still plays softly to add to her ethereal presence.

please email if you have further questions...


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