Saturday, August 29, 2009

cLaSs PhOtOs

It was amazing to see what was recreated, upcycled, transformed from two simple objects. It was such a pleasure to share these techniques and passions with a small class of amazing women. I love the diversity and emotions expressed. Every one's work was outstanding
There were a couple of pieces that didn't quite get fully assembled in class so I don't have photos of them, but rest assured they were amazing as well.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

PiCtoRiAL rEviEw ArT FiBEr FeSt

I am realizing how much Art Fiber Fest influenced my work.
I have a sewing room (more like a corner) now.
I bought Rit dye to alter some stuff.
I am thinking in terms of how fiber can be added to my mixed media assemblage, OK more than thinking I have been adding lots of torn bits of fiber and string to just about everything that will hold still.
I made fabric cuffs for the past shows and plan to make lots more...
hmmm... I didn't think fabric and sewing was my thing but ... who am I to question the whims of the artistic muse..
So in honor of my inspiration source a pictorial review of Art Fiber Fest 09

Beautiful campus at Reed College

Mural outside the dining hall

Crazy fabuluous art from Show and Tell night

My booth from Vendor's night

Our empty bottle Art

Thursday, August 6, 2009


*I sent out an email about an upcoming class yesterday morning and by late afternoon 5 out of 6 spots were filled!!! Exciting
But there is still one spot left call me if you want it..
Don’t Box Me In
Sunday August 16th from 10am -4pm with an hour lunch break.
(please bring a sack lunch)

$70 plus $10 kit fee limited to 6 students (one spot available)

One of the wonderful things about assemblage is that you never start with a blank canvas. Every object we pick up has meaning attached to it, whether that be cultural, symbolic, or personal. We are all going to start this project with the same two objects, both already packed with meaning: a doll, and a box (provided). We will watch as an incredible variety of stories unfolds. Will your doll be sweet and innocent? Wild and crazy? Will the doll continue to be human or become a monster or an alien? In the altering process, we will make decisions about what kinds of stories we wish to tell with our two objects. Will your doll or creature be trapped in a box? Comforted by the box? Breaking free of the box?

We will be altering objects through the magic of paint, ink, fabric, paper, and found objects. By using paint and ink we will create a worn and ancient look on our modern commercial objects. This is a project- based class with tons of room for exploration and variation. We will be learning lots of fun, easy techniques that produce quick, dramatic results. You will leave class with a unique finished project and a palette of techniques that can be used for aging and embellishing all kinds of objects.

Material list
Gel matte medium for collaging paper
Liquid Nails Adhesive Small Projects (not the clear version)
A small amount of fabric scraps: think different textures i.e. cheesecloth, tulle, lace, satin
Buttons, charms, old jewelry, misc found objects for embellishing your doll
Acrylic paints (I use the cheap $1 -a- bottle stuff from Michaels or Joanns): a black, a brown, a tan , a white, a cream, then colors of your choice
Paint brushes: a medium, a small, and a couple of good quality detail brushes
Thin pieces of rusty metal, copper, or tin
Sm amount of collage paper
Misc junk for embellishing: (buttons, game pieces, washers, sm plastic birds or animals, feathers, silk flowers, doll accessories, wooden blocks, acorn caps, milagros, or…)

Heat gun
Small scraps of interesting wood: old molding, trim, thin drift wood, etc

$10 kit includes
Jointed porcelain doll
Blank wooden house/box
Crackle paint
Walnut ink
Patina chemicals
Tools to share

Please email if you have questions about any of the supplies:
P.S. No stressing allowed, it is about the creative process, not the specific supplies.

To register for classes I need payment in full

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

aNoTHeR WeEkEnD aNoTHeR aRt ShOw

I didn't even unpack the van!! Which has made driving around for normal errands and such a bit of a challenge, but not as challenging as unpacking and repacking in less than a weeks time.

Anacortes Arts Festival this weekend Aug 7,8, and 9th
10-6pm Friday and Saturday 10-5 Sun
I am booth 508W between 5th and 6th street on the West side.

This is a big and impressive art festival worth checking out and not just for my work...

* Stop by my booth and mention that you read my blog for a free gift

Anacortes booth a few years ago

a new buddha shrine

Everything has fiber added to it now after Art Fiberfest

A new ceramic doll that was a collaboration between my mom and me


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